No really, #gainingweightiscool

You are the best version of you, and the best version of you has nothing to do with your weight. However, when you do let your weight control how you live, you are slowly losing the best you that you can be. Do not let that happen. Don’t give up your time focusing on something that has zero importance. When you stop putting so much emphasis on your weight, you can better recognize the amazing talents, personalities, and attributes that you have been blessed with. Recognize and write down the countless, amazing things you have been blessed with, and I promise, weight is not one of them.

Four Ways to Promote Recovery in 2017

Now that the Christmas season is over, it is time to finally relax! No more spending money on presents your parents aren’t going to use, no more kissing your great aunt Sharon that you met when you were three, and no more insane amounts of Tupperware filled with leftover mashed potatoes that are taking up your fridge space (seriously though—where am I supposed to put my leftover Olive Garden fettucine alfredo?!)
Now that we are approaching New Years, we are all going to be faced with plenty of posts about everyone’s resolutions for the upcoming year.

Is it Possible to Fully Recover from an Eating Disorder?

Is it possible to fully recover from an eating disorder? Raise your hand if you have ever thought this question at least once during your eating disorder recovery. At least twice? Okay, what about at least fifteen times? I bet almost all of your hands are still raised-actually I would guarantee it. Now how many times have you heard it is NOT possible to FULLY recover from an eating disorder? How many times have you heard or read that you will always have some sort of disordered behavior or thoughts for the rest of your life?
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